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How to Choose: Electric vs. Manual Standing Desk

How to Choose: Electric vs. Manual Standing Desk
For office workers, the physical damage caused by sitting for long periods is invisible and long-lasting. Basically, all organs cannot escape its “torture.” Obesity, lumbar spine, cervical spine, hemorrhoids, cardiovascular disease, and a series of injuries are all related to sedentary. In a sense, sitting for long periods harms human health as seriously as smoking, and it is imminent to improve the hazards of sedentary. For this reason, manual crank standing desks, and electric sit stand desks have emerged. But who is more practical and more suitable for home or office use?

Let’s first understand what is manual standing desks, and what is electric standing desks.

As the name suggests, the manual adjustable desk frame realizes the lifting of the desk by controlling the hand crank, and the electric height adjustable table base is lifting through the control handset and motors.


Pros of Hand-cranked Standing Desks


  1. Simple operation: Only through the hand-crank rotation to drive the tables up and down.
  2. Friendly price: It is a good option for people with a limited budget who want to experience a sit standing desk.
  3. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Manual control, no power consumption.
  4. Easier to move: The general manual height adjustable standing desk is 2-stage columns, lighter than an motorized standing desk.


Cons of Manual Crank Standing Desks


  1. In the operation of the lifting process, compared with electric or motorized desk, manual dek is more time-consuming and laborious.
  2. The height range of a manual standing desk is more limited than that of an motorized height adjustable standing desk frame.


Pros of Electric Adjustable Desk Frame


  1. Convenient operation, one-key lifting, alternate sitting and standing.
  2. The motorized sit stand desk base has 2/3-stages columns for a wider height range, suitable for both children and adults.
  3. Smooth lifting, strong bearing, complete functions.


Cons of Motorized Standing Desk Base


  1. The motorized sit standing desk’s price is more expensive than manual ones.
  2. The technical requirements are higher, which determines the stability and smoothness of the lifting.
  3. If damage occurs after the warranty period, especially the core components, the maintenance cost will be higher.



In General


  • The standing desk allows us to alternate standing and sitting, helping us to form a healthy office style, and reducing the negative impact of sitting for long periods on health.
  • The adjustable sit stand desk can relieve fatigue and discomfort by promoting blood circulation, helping improve concentration, thereby promoting work efficiency.
  • The adjustable standing desk runs smoothly, without affecting work or learning, and will not cause the desktop items to shift. Noise below 50 decibels is not disturbing.


In addition, the current electric standing desk has many auxiliary functions, such as: LED display, real-time display of height; 4 programmable height presets, one-key lifting; safety lock to prevent children from accidentally touching; the built-in gyro-sensor anti-collision system rebounds in case of resistance to prevent bumps; slow start and slow stop avoid the frustration of sudden start and stop, and ensure the user’s comfortable experience.

The core functions of manual and electric standing desks are height adjustable standing systems. Although they have different ways of adjusting the height of the desk frame, the main function is similar, that is, the height of the desk can be adjusted. This height-adjustable standing system means that both types of design are ergonomic.


So How to Purchase on Selection


Assess your budget. Electric standing desks are usually more expensive than manual ones. If you have enough budget, you can buy an electric standing desk.

Because we are accustomed to sitting at work, it is very hard to stick to standing up at the beginning, especially in the first week. The electric adjustable desk greatly improves the convenience of adjusting the desk height, so that we can easily compromise with fatigue and revert to sitting after a few days. Crank height adjustable desk increases the difficulty and time cost of adjusting the height of the desk, so if you want to stick to standing, you can consider buying a desk with a hand crank.

The intelligent operation and humanized design of the electric standing desk allow us to enjoy the convenience of science and technology, improve the quality of life, and provide an ideal life plan. Although its price is higher than the table used by general households, when the price and quality, appearance, and function are combined, the price-performance of the electric sit stand table is much higher than that of the ordinary desk.